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Belt & Road Brand Expo · Shanghai Announces Expo Postponement to July

2020-03-13 Back To List

March 13,2020

Dear Exhibitors and Partners,


At present, the whole world has been entering the crucial period of fighting against the outbreak of Coronavirus pneumonia. In order to control the virus, Shanghai Municipal government has launched the first level response mechanism for major public health emergencies, which discourages gatherings and abolishes large scale public activities. Scheduled for May 29 – 31, 2020, Belt & Road Brand Expo is characterized for its high percentage of overseas exhibitors up to 70%. To safeguard the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors, we feel compelled to announce that the Expo, hosted by CCPIT Shanghai and CCOIC Shanghai, is postponed to July 17-19 at the same venue in Shanghai Exhibition Center.


Jointly united, China has attained milestone achievement in the anti-virus fighting. Mutually supporting, the global epidemic will reach final victory.  Along with the upcoming rebound of market faith and global interaction, we are determined to join hands with exhibitors around the world, turning crisis into opportunities, and establishing a gateway for qualified overseas brands into the huge China’s market.  Let’s work together to present one more grand event, echoing the theme of  “Better Life and Beyond”.


Looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai in July.  


Shanghai International Exhibition Co, Ltd